Today’s Gospel Reflection : An Angry Jesus

Today’s Gospel Reflection

November 20, 2015

Jesus was angry with his disciples on several occasions. He was angry with the Pharisees because of their hardness of heart and hypocrisy. The classic example is found in today’s gospel.

The bible makes it clear that anger is not totally bad. It can be harmful but if properly used can be a power to mold character and integrity.

St. Paul gives us a guideline in his letter to the Ephesians (4:26): “In your anger do not sin.” It is how you handle anger that determines whether it is right or wrong.

Be angry for the right cause:

  • part of the problem is that we are angry over the wrong causes. We get so angry when advertisements disrupts your favorite TV program
  • we get angry when we cannot locate our slippers…we get angry when soup is cold…
  • Jesus gives us an example in today’s gospel. He got angry because the temple was turned into a market place; he was angry because of the injustice done to the poor in the temple.
  • The need to be angry at: pornography-corruption-indecency-injustice-terrorism, etc!
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