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On religious entertainment

There is nothing wrong with having celebrations in our life and moments of joy and relaxation. A religious life is glorious in moments of happiness. But there exists the danger of looking for entertainment and relaxation in activities or pastimes which can simply manipulate our passions, weaken our morals, and deeply offend God.

If we are unable to choose our entertainment wisely we can end up throwing away the richness of our spiritual inheritance for cheap thrills. One’s unchecked passions of sensuality can easily destroy a person. I should know . . .because I was there, too!

Remember that even in moments of relaxation we have the responsibility to protect and foster our religious identity. Look for healthy pastimes where you can share the joy of Christian living with confreres, friends and family.

–take it as an advice from a Recovering Alcoholic.

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Frei Bo

Frei Bo

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