20th Sunday in Ordinary Time Reflection

The readings this Sunday invite us to rethink of how we understand our being Christians is all about. We have to see that it is a life of constant renewal and self-emptying. Jesus talks about discord, baptism by blood and absence peace, these will point us to the fact that complacency has no room in the Christian life. Christianity is a continuous struggle for perfection but not as the world understands the world, rather a constant struggle to be like Christ, to be holy. We have to give up many things in life, even relationships if these will hinder us from following Christ and hindering our growth in holiness. Let us then follow the example of the prophet Jeremiah and other countless persons who did not mind offering themselves for the sake of the Kingdom and for truth. May St. Maximilian Kolbe intercede for on this his feast day, to be like him in offering our lives for the sake of the Kingdom.


Frei Bo

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November 22
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    November 22, 2019


    Meeting with Priests, Religious, Seminarians and Catechists in St Peter’s Parish

    Meeting with the Bishops of Thailand and FABC at the Blessed Nicholas Boonkerd Kitbamrung Shrine

    Private meeting with the Members of the Society of Jesus in a hall close to the Shrine

    Lunch at the Apostolic Nunciature

    Meeting with the Leaders of the Christian denominations and Other Religions at Chulalongkorn University

    Holy Mass with Young People in the Cathedral of the Assumption

    Sr. Consejo de Santa Monica
    Sr. Ma. Paulita Llacer, AR