Greenpeace calls on USJ-R to increase demand to stop single-use plastic

CEBU CITY — To increase the demand to stop single-use plastic, Greenpeace brought environmental speakers as well as the crew of their Rainbow Warrior ship to share to the academic community of the University of San Jose-Recoletos the horrid impact of plastic on the planet. Greenpeace campaigner Abigail Aguilar shared that recycling is not enough. … Read more

Why priests are fools…

We are fools…because we rather follow a humble carpenterthan follow the path of leaders encouraging immorality… We are fools…because we take the leadin calling for the end of killings… We are fools…because we say NO to killingsof more than 20,000 deaths… We are fools…because we are not afraideven with bullets or deaths… We are fools…because … Read more