On this Easter Sunday, people of faith throughout the world gather together to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord. In a sense, we follow Mary Magdalene in her search for the body of Jesus. She went to the tomb in the morning. Maybe she wept all night for the loss of Jesus. For her, as if the world has already ended. Perhaps, on that Sunday morning she was wondering whether life itself was still worth living. She has lost Jesus, the very person who brought her back to life after living a sinful life.


            She found an empty tomb. She ran off in tears to tell Peter and John that the Lord has been taken away. Later, she returned to the tomb and then it happened. She saw Jesus sanding there. At first she mistook him for a gardener and she said to him:” Sir, if you are the one who took him off tells me where you have laid him and I will take him away.” And Jesus said only a word:”MARY”, with that she knew that Jesus had risen as the Lord of Life.


            Mary, Thomas and Peter were quite slow in believing. And even if Christ will appear today, could have a difficult time recognizing him.


            Sometimes we are devoured by extreme sadness, despair, pain, sufferings, fear, bitterness and self-pity and these often blind us to the reality of the resurrection-to the reality that we have friend up there, the Risen Lord, who is always ready to help us!

                                          Pain, resentment and desolation are forms of imprisonment which may blind us to the reality that the Lord died, yes, but that he has risen to life again.



            Although we are alive we might already be dead:

                        1. dead to the needs of others (walang pakialam sa kapwa)

                        2. dead to the feelings of others (walang pakiramdam sa kapwa).


            Resurrection day is a day of Freedom. The rising of Jesus is supposed to be our own rising from whatever is dead in ourselves.

            The Risen Lord will only reveal himself to us if we dare to break through our own self-righteousness and reach out to others.

            The Risen Lord will only reveal himself to us when we dare break ourselves from the tomb of our own selfishness and sinfulness.


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Fray Onz Antonio, OAR

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