Easter is not just a historical event that occurred one time, long ago. That is what we think of it, in the past tense. A great man was killed but did not stay dead forever. He was raised to life again. In our minds, this is Easter. And it is that, first of all. But it is more than that!

Easter is also about you and me and our possibilities. Anytime we find the courage to rise above our past and live again, that is a little bit of Easter. It happens repeatedly, to all kinds of people in all sorts of ways. Drunkards achieve sobriety, addicts overcome their addiction, cynics learn to trust again, a prodigal son returns back to the father, a philandering husbands returning back to his original wife, misers rediscovering the joy of living.

These things really do happen to people. 
They find power in their weakness, light in their darkness and freedom in their bondage. And what are these but a passing from death to new life. After that, it is no longer hard to believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. It is the kind of thing that happens all the time we rise above our own selfishness and sinfulness.

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Fray Onz Antonio, OAR

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