UNO-R Institutional Planning 2019

Bacolod City, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL–The Planning and Quality Assurance Office (PQA) held the Institutional Planning 2019 last April 22-23 at the President’s Hall. The Father President enjoined all religious and lay administrators to attend the activity through Memo no. 66. The activity opened with the opening formalities with Fray Ronel P. Gealon, OAR leading the prayer, … Read more

A young community with 400 years of history in Rome

The community of Sistina, founded in 1619 for the residence of the procurator of the Augustinian Recollects, celebrates its 400th anniversary this year. It was the first community in Rome and is currently made up of young Augustinian Recollects who are doing their specialization studies in Roman universities. It is an intercultural and interprovincial community. Here … Read more