She kept silent and treasured all these things in her heart

There was this one time, a few weeks right after I arrived in the missions in Panamá, where I was the only one left in our parish. My two other companions were not around because they had to do attend to other commitments. A middle-aged woman probably in her late fifties suddenly came knocking on the door. She looked distressed and seemed that she needed to talk to a priest. So I brought her a chair and pull out a chair as well for me. She then started talking and telling me her story and at times would stop to cry. She was talking at a very fast. Now during this time I had just arrived at Panamá and couldn’t speak nor understand that well the Spanish language yet. But I could pick out some words and it was clear that she was really troubled. I just kept silent for most of the time. When she was done talking I wanted to console her with words too and tell her about how God never abandons us etc. but I just couldn’t express myself that well in Spanish and she couldn’t understand English either. So I just told her, “No hablo ni entiendo muy bien el español pero rezaré por usted.” (I don’t speak nor understand Spanish that well but I will pray for you.) Afterwards, she said “Gracias, Padre” then gave me a hug and left.

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