Prior Provincial leads Recoletos choir at IEC morning prayers

CEBU CITY—Fray Dionisio Selma, Prior Provincial, led the 20-member Recoletos choir in the praying of the morning prayers last Friday, January 29, at the Pavilion for the International Eucharistic Congress 2016. The lauds for day 6 was slated for the Order of Augustinian Recollects. Frays Anthony Morillo and Leo Alaras, since they are assigned in … Read more

A Transforming Eucharist

BIBLICALLY SPEAKING §  Leander Barrot, OAR             On the second day of the IEC, the persona of St. Paul looms large.  His conversion is commemorated and celebrated and how the saint preserved and promoted the memory of Christ’s love from possible demise is highlighted. Paul’s devotion to the Eucharist began with his meeting with the … Read more

International Eucharistic Congress 2016 Day 2 Report

CEBU CITY, January 25, 2016—The Pavilion serves as the melting pot of thousands of Catholics representing 72 countries for the second day of the 51st International Eucharistic Congress. Today’s event opened with the morning prayers led by Most Rev. Patricio Buzon, SDB, DD and the Jesuit seminarians. Following the morning praise, the Most Rev. Miguel … Read more