Recollection for October: COMMUNION IN THE MISSION

Lk. 10:3-11 Communion is one of the great mysteries that every Christian lives and at the same time is a challenge: to be capable of building communion in our own community and be channels of collaboration in building up communion within the Body of Christ that is the Church. Every community that lives the intra-communitarian … Read more


Translated by Fray Hubert Dunstan Decena, OAR The primary matter of our communities are the persons with their good and not so good qualities. Thus, it is normal that within the community there will be occasions of collisions, frictions and offences. For St. Augustine the important thing is that, in the name of charity and … Read more

Recollection for June: COMMUNION IN CONSTRUCTION (Nehemiah 4:1-2, 10-12)

The communion in the community is being built day by day with the aid of God’s Grace. He builds his temple in the midst of the brothers who live in communion, but it requires collaboration. One indispensable task is to defend it against its enemies: egoism, individualism, hero-complex, indifference, comfort, etc. That is why, those … Read more