Who do we await this Christmas?

The story is told of a mother who was very busy getting ready for Christmas. One day, hurrying from store to store, she lost her little boy. Frantically retracing her steps, she found him blocks away with his nose flatly pressed against a plate-glass shop window. When he saw his mother, he exclaimed, “Look, Mom, it’s Jesus! See the Baby Jesus on the hay!” The mother pulled him away, saying, “We don’t have time for that!”

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Gospel Reflection

Today’s Gospel Reflection December 7 In today’s Gospel, even when Jesus had cured the paralysed man, the Pharisees and scribes remained sceptical about His divine powers because of their self-centred interests for power, respect and glory.  Does our mistrust and disbelief of others mirror some of the Pharisees’ self-centredness in us?