PROVINCIALATE — July 18, 2015, at 4:33 A.M., Philippine time, Fray Dominador Mercado, Jr., OAR, local prior of Recoletos de Kamalo in Sierra Leone, which is eight hours behind us, sent an FB message to the Provincial Secretary with two updates: first, that Ebola is already absent in their district for more than three months since late March, and second, that the Papal Nuncio would be coming to Makeni to announce a news—to which he added, “I hope good news. We will update you later, Father.”

SIERRA LEONE - The Filipino Recollect missionaries working in Sierra Leone could have easily opted to pack their bags and go home during the harrowing outbreak of Ebola virus in late 2014. But they chose, instead, the less-beaten path of staying put and serving the people they had considered their own.

The four (4) Filipino missionaries were: Fray Russell Lapidez, OAR (local prior), Fray Jonathan Jamero, OAR; Fray Roy Baluarte, OAR;  and Fray Dennis Castillo, OAR. They were accompanied by two other Spanish missionaries: Fray Jose Luis Garayoa, OAR & Fray Rene Gonzales, OAR.

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