A Maritime Pilgrimage (Part 4)

08 Jul 2017
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A Maritime Pilgrimage (Part 3)

08 Jul 2017
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Agutaya, Linapacan, and back to Casian

A Maritime Pilgrimage (Part 2)

08 Jun 2017
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Cuyo and Agutaya

17 May, Wednesday

At 2 am, I was awake. The night was absolutely still, there were a few stars. Prayed the rosary from the balcony of our common room, facing, across the courtyard below, an image of the Crucified Jesus.

Four of us took an early morning dip, while Fr. Notnot was up and about with paper processes of our boat and Fr. Charlie prolonged his sleep.

A Maritime Pilgrimage (Part 1)

07 Jun 2017
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Journal of a pilgrimage to Recollect legacy in Palawan, 15-19 May


Deliver us from our wretched wanderings, our miserable mistakes, and establish us in Your way and comfort us, and say: Run, I”ll carry you, yes, and there also will I carry you” (St. Augustine, Conf., 6,26)

Nota Previa:

Almost a decade ago, in my first assignment to SSC-R Manila, I published a few write-ups in the college webpage entitled Monday Moorings, musings on Mondays that were meant to serve as inspirational, religious or moral moorings. The present revival attempt is simply entitled Moorings, detaching it from any particular day.