The King and the Painter

09 Oct 2016
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The King and the Painter

Let me tell you this story:

There was a King who had one eye and one leg..

He wanted a beautiful portrait of him to be made. He asked all the painters to draw a beautiful portrait of him. But none of them could -- how could they paint him beautifully with the defects in one eye and one leg.

Eventually one painter who was known for his innovative and abstract paintings agreed and make a classic picture of the King. He took few days and created a marvel. It was a fantastic picture and everyone was surprised with his vision to make king look majestic.

He painted the King aiming for a hunt. Targeting with one eye closed and one leg bent. 

--author unknown


Why can't we all paint pictures like this for our religious brothers. Hiding their weaknesses and highlighting their strength. Find and look for the good in others. The way that you see others has an effect on how you relate to them, how they view you, and how you view yourself. If you constantly criticize and look for negatives in people, this attitude will be reflected back to you. If we can focus our attention on the positive, if we can look for the good in people and situations, that becomes more of our reality. To be happy and have positive relationships, you absolutely must become a good finder. You must look for the good in your confreres. You must expect the best from people. And you must reinforce the good that you see.

No Matter Who You Are

04 Oct 2016
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No Matter Who You Are, Always Delay Judgment

A lovely little girl was holding two apples with both hands. Her mum came in and softly asked her little daughter with a smile: "my sweetie, could you give your mum one of your two apples?" The girl looked up at her mum for some seconds, then she suddenly took a quick bite on one apple, and then quickly on the other. The smile on mum's face freezes. She tried hard not to reveal her disappointment.

Then the little girl handed one of her bitten apples to her mum and said, "Mummy, here you are. This is the sweeter one."

No matter who you are, how experienced you are, and how knowledgeable you think you are, always delay judgment. Give others the privilege to explain themselves. What you see may not be the reality. Never conclude for others. Which is why we should never only focus on the surface and judge others without understanding them first.

-Harsh Dubey


  • Those who like to pay the bill, do so not because they are loaded, but because they value friendship above money. 
  • Those who take the initiative at work, do so not because they are stupid but because they understand the concept of responsibility. 
  • Those who apologize first after a fight, do so not because they are wrong but because they value the people around them. 
  • Those who are willing to help you, do so not because they owe you anything but because they see you as a true friend. 
  • Those who often text you, do so not because they have nothing better to do but because you are in their heart.

One day, all of us will get separated from each other; we will miss our conversations of everything & nothing; the dreams that we had. Days will pass by, months, years, until this contact becomes rare... One day our children will see our pictures and ask "Who are these people?" And we will smile with invisible tears because a heart is touched with a strong word and you will say: "It was them that I had the best days of my life with."

Change the Battle Ground

02 Oct 2016
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Change the Battle Ground

The Eagle does not fight the snake on the ground. It picks it up into the sky and changes the battle ground, and then it releases the snake into the sky.

The snake has no stamina, no power and no balance in the air. It is useless, weak and vulnerable unlike on the ground where it is powerful wise and deadly.

Author unknown


Take your fight into the spiritual realm by praying and when you are in the spiritual realm God takes over your battles. Don’t fight the enemy in his comfort zone, change the battle grounds like the Eagle and let God take charge through your earnest prayer. You’ll be assured of clean victory.

Pray without ceasing.

Bible Statistics

30 Sep 2016
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I want to share with you, on this feast of St. Jerome, some interesting statistics about Bible reading gathered from a survey conducted among adult Catholics and among Christians in general:

First the good news—87% adult Catholics who were surveyed said that they have bibles in their homes.

The bad news is that only 8% read the bible daily; and 32% said they never read the bible.

For all Christians, the result of the survey was this: an average Christian spend more time in one evening watching the T.V., than reading the Bible in one week.

If this is true we just wonder what is forming our values, attitudes and character? It is not the Word of God but our secular culture—culture of commercialism, success instant satisfaction which are daily fed to us through information technology

Why is it important to read the Bible? It is there that we meet God… it is there that God speaks to us! So Bible reading should be part of our daily prayer.