“Bisyap” joins Recoletos de Cuba community

By Fray Jose Ernil Almayo, OAR | August 1, 2022 |
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In the Comunidad San Ezequiel Moreno in Banes (Holguín, Cuba), the 24th day of July 2022 was no ordinary day! It marked the arrival of its fourth member: Fray Keneth B. Pahamutang, or “Bisyap” as he is fondly called particularly by his contemporaries. The lone Recoletos convent in this Caribbean island nation warmly welcomed the Filipino Recollect who represents the St. Ezekiel Province. Fray Keneth was the latest addition to this international community whose members represent the different provinces of the Order: Frays Noé Servín (San Nicolás); Ismael Xuruc, the local prior (Candelaria); and Julián Vallejos (Sto. Tomás). In mid-June…


4 Filipino Missionaries one with the People in Sierra Leone, West Africa amidst Ebola virus

SIERRA LEONE – The Filipino Recollect missionaries working in Sierra Leone could have easily opted to pack their bags and go home during the harrowing outbreak of Ebola virus in late 2014. But they chose, instead, the less-beaten path of staying put and serving the people they had considered their own. The four (4) Filipino…